Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Getting ready for 2016

Christmas is only 2 days away and I am nearly finished with the second Pokemon pillow. I'm really hoping to have that done tonight so that I can finish up the HP blanket my New Years when I visit my SIL.
Since starting this Harry Potter CAL, I have been inspired to come up with my own squares in this fashion. I started off with the Pokemon squares & those turned out pretty well. I have now created squares for all 12 doctors from Doctor Who! Interested in what they look like? Well, join the Block a Month (BAM) CAL I will be hosting in 2016. Head on over to Facebook and join Doctor Who Faces Block a Month CAL 2016. This will start in January with the first doctor. Each month I will release the graph for the next doctor. I will also post video tutorials for how to do both the bobble and c2c stitches so that you can find your perfect method to make this afghan. I can't wait to start and hope you will join me.

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