Friday, December 11, 2015

So much more Pokemon!

I finally finished working on the Pokeball! This will be the backside of the Pikachu pillow. Just need to single crochet them together & get the pillow form put in. I was super excited to see that Joann Fabric had them on sale for 40% off this week. That's one gift down.

Over in the Crafty Ridge world, the pattern for Snape was released for the HP CAL. As soon as the last 2 squares are completed, I plan on making a celebration post with the whole afghan completed. I absolutely love how this is coming out.

In other news, I went yarn shopping today for the CAL I'm going to be starting in January hosted by the amazing Totallee! Y'all just have to check out her work on Ravelry. I still have a few more colors to decide on, but I should have that all sorted out in the next day or so. Progress pics once it starts, but keeping the pattern a secret for now.

Now that Pikachu is finished, I have come up with 2 more Pokemon characters for my niece's present. I couldn't decide between Squirtle and Charmander, so I made up graphs for both of them. Maybe the pillow will just have both characters and not the pokeball like my nephews pillow.

Charmander pdf

Squirtle pdf

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