Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Nothing too exciting

Today wasn't overly exciting, but I got some things accomplished today. I didn't get to sleep until 5 am and woke up around 9 because I was hot. I'm still not sure why I had decided to turn the a/c off knowing that the sun shines in my window in the morning. Met Mom, Chloe & Conner (niece & nephew of my oldest sister Christa) for lunch at Ernie's Family Restaurant in Pekin. After we ate, we went back to Mom's house where Chloe promptly popped in the High School Musical 3 DVD. Oy vey. What poor acting. I thought the first movie was ok, the 2nd was worse, and I was very glad I had to leave during the middle of the 3rd. Yikes! But, Chloe is 10 and thinks it's great, so there you have it. I got home around 2 and my friend Jolean came over with her boys Alex & Zach. I'm going to be watching Zach while she takes Alex to speech therapy on the Wednesday's I don't work during the summer. The little man was pretty good. Got a bit fussy, but promptly fell asleep after I stood up and rocked him. Over all, not too bad for an hour and a half. Once Jolean & Alex got back, we talked while Alex played Super Mario Bros for the Wii. He loves Mario! We then met Jolean's husband Mike for dinner at Carlos O'Kelley's. I've only been there a couple times, but the food was good. Mike took the boys home after that while Jolean & I stopped at Dollar Tree before knitting group. I picked up a couple new Sudoku and Word Search books (one of which is Tinkerbell so I'm stoked about that). We had a new girl come to knitting tonight. Her name is Jenny & she was very nice. I hope she comes back next week. I really love knitting group. Although, Melinda & Erin's talk about running makes me want to give it a go. I, unfortunately, happen to be a fat kid at the moment & even the thought of running gives me an asthma attack. I may have to start by taking my 9 yr old dog Maddy on longer evening walks because let's be honest, no one needs to see this thing run. I really do need to get in to a shape other than round. Just not even remotely motivated at the moment. All my excuses of new computer build at work, new dog, winter, & move have all evaporated. Time to find some motivation. But until said time, I need to watch the first season of Veronica Mars that Jolean loaned me while I try to finish up the last 5 squares of Lilly's blanket. Tomorrow is work then going to see the midnight showing of X-Men: First Class!

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