Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Reverse side of Mario Pillow and other Mario related stuff

I finally came up with the design for the back of Alex's pillow. My gauge wasn't working for the Bowser scene, and just a castle seemed kind of boring, so I came up with Mario sliding down the flag pole with a portion of the original castle design & some fireworks.
I've actually already tweaked his nose & cap a bit. They both just really seemed to be sticking out really far. I also decided that Alex was going to need a blanket. I've made all my nieces and nephews one, so I can't leave him out. His blanket is going to be the Mario from the front of the pillow. Each of the squares from that design will be small granny square. Only doing the Mario though. Haven't decided on a background color yet, but I'll worry about that a little later. I have about 680 squares to make for the blanket, so may as well get started making the colors I already know I need.  This is going to measure approximately 4' x 5' before the border. Should look pretty good on his bed.

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